Gravity Press Experimental Workshop, North Adams, MA Prints 2013

In the late fall of 2013, I was invited to work with Brandon Graving, at Gravity Press Experimental Workshop. The plates I brought over both average and large scale woodcuts which I wanted to print in both relief and intaglio. Because I wanted the ink to be drawn out of the incised areas of the blocks and deposited on the surface of the papers, the presses there, which operate much the same as as a flower press, though on a significantly larger scale, were perfect. The largest press there – constructed of cor-ten steel beams, and raised via multiple bottle jacks, can print upwards of 4′ x 11′ prints. The largest prints I pulled were roughly 4′ x 6′, the largest prints I had printed to that point.

Gravity Press Experimental Workshop has a Facebook page if you are interested in learning more.